Cutting / Splitting Info


All the leather that we sell is cut down to panels that are 14.5"x10" which is just over one square foot in size. We've found this size to be the most useful when making small leather goods.

When we divide our hides into panels, we make sure to use only the best parts of the hide for the panels that we sell. None of the panels will ever have brands, holes or other noticeable blemishes. 

If you need several different weights of the same leather, make sure to add them to your cart separately, rather than changing the quantity in your cart so that we can properly fulfill your order. 


Equipped with a band knife splitter, we offer splitting with all of our leather at no charge. Leather that is too thick can ruin a project, so make sure you've got the right weight for the job. Not sure which thickness you need? Just contact us and we'd be happy to make recommendations!

With every square foot of leather that you order, choose the exact thickness that you want it split down to - all the way down to 0.5mm (or one oz). For example, if making a wallet, you may want one square foot at 4 oz and one square foot at 2 oz so you have just the right thickness for the interior an exterior pieces.