Fenice Edge Paint - 100ml

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Fenice's Matte Plus Edge Paint is the most consistent, durable and easy to apply edge paint that we have found. It dries to a perfect, matte finish or can be made glossy with the addition of the Fenice's Gloss Top Coat.

  • Special formula of natural and synthetic polymers provides a durable and flexible finish.
  • Water based for easy clean up.
  • Non-Flammable - Non-Toxic
  • Drys to the touch in minutes - fully sets in 48 hours.

Suggested Instructions:

  1. Cut edge cleanly or sand to a smooth finish with 320 grit sand paper. Make sure any glue is rubbed off of the edge
  2. Apply a thin layer of Fenice Edge Paint with the tip of an awl, a cotton swab or any other fine applicator. Allow to dry (15 minutes roughly).
  3. Buff with canvas or other cloth. Alternatively, you can use a heated tool. This step ensures that the paint is bonded well to the leather.
  4. Apply another layer of paint just as you did before. Allow to dry (30 minutes or more)
  5. Sand with 600 grit sand paper and wipe off any dry paint dust.
  6. Apply another layer of paint. If you edges are still slightly uneven, continue to sand and apply paint until the surface is perfectly smooth.